Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garden Plans

Last year was the first year in 9 years that I didnt have a garden.  I never knew how much i missed it until summer came and i wanted a nice tomato and spinach salad....but there wasnt anything growing!  But apparently i didnt want it enough to go to the store right then. But even if i did, theres really NOTHING that tastes like freshly picked veggies.

Was reading an article at the dr about the nutrients in vegetables now vs 50 years ago and the gist of it is that for many reasons, produce has up to 50% less nutrients.  I wish i remembered what magazine that was. but that was a fluke anyway me touching the magazines at the drs office...i mean really, with all the sick ppl in and out of there you KNOW they are just FULL of germs and other stuff. As easily as I get sick, its just not worth it.

Anyway. This year i am going to expand my gardening horizons to include growing herbs. Theres a flower bed in my side yard that will be converted to the herb garden. Ive been thinking about giving square foot gardening a try. Heres the tentative plan, which is subject to change based on whether i order seeds online or just see what the coop has.  Casualties of the unseasonably cold weather this year are the blueberries, a pear and a peach tree.

~Main Garden~
green peppers
green beans
wax beans
romaine lettuce
acorn squash
butternut squash
crookneck squash
collard greens

~Herb Garden~

new things:
easter egg plant

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

spaghettios guy

Apparently Donald Goerke, the Campbell's executive who created Spaghetti Os, has died.

I used to eat them all the time when i was younger.  So did k, until I tasted them and then never bought them again.

so i mention this to her.
me:  The guy who made spaghettios died.
k: why?
me: (blank stare)
k: i mean, how?
me: im blogging this

Friday, January 8, 2010

baby, its cold outside

There's ms K...trying out her new cam.

 even froze the fountains.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

random conversation

So, im opening a long awaited package and checking out the loot inside.  I notice one of the samples I requested isn't what I received.

me:  They sent me ... Beard Lube. Why did they send me Beard Lube?

k: WHAT?

me:  They sent Beard Lube.

k: Are you gonna use it on your beard?

me: (still confused, silent, slowly turning my head to look at her)

k:  (noticing my expression) ohhhhh yeah, i dont know WHAT i was thinking. WHY did they send YOU beard lube?

im really gonna miss our conversations when shes gone to college.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

So its 2010, and I had the best New Year celebration, with an amazing surprise! Heres wishing the best for you and yours!